The Vysočina Geopark became the eight national geopark in the Czech Republic

On January 23, 2017, during a ceremonial meeting in the Telč castle, the Czech Minister of the Environment Richard Brabec handed a certificate "National Geopark" to the Mayor of Telč and the Chairman of the „Mikroregion Telčsko“ and so the Vysočina Geopark became the 8th national geopark in the Czech Republic.

Not only the certification opens the door to cooperation with other national and global geoparks, mutual sharing of good practice and inspiration, but also it obliges the geopark to continual long-term work, cooperation in the region, creation of coherent tourism offer and its subsequent promotion.

Fulfillment or non-fulfillment of initial goals and visions will be evaluated every four years, when it will be necessary to defend the certificate in front of experts from the Czech Council of National Geoparks. Only time will show whether The Vysočina Geopark meet its strategy which is "Maintain and promote the character of the area, its natural wealth, culture, aesthetics, heritage, quality of life of its inhabitants, all of these based on the principles of sustainable development."