Geopark Vysočina


Geoturism (also Geological Tourism) is a form of sustainable tourism based on knowledge of land development by an active learning experience of geologically interesting landscape with important geological heritage. The major attractions of geotourism are so-called “geotops”. Geotourism is characterized by a professional non-fiction interpretation and / or animations geo-guide and which is usually held in the Geopark, for example in karst areas, in rock cities, paleontological interesting areas or in former mining areas.

Traditional tourist attractions in Geopark include for example montanist, the amateur gold-washing, geocaching, to explore the cultural history of landscape (open-air museums, draft workshops, tasting and buying local products, etc.).

Geotourism supports local identity and local production and develops local knowledge and know-how (co-operation with local academic institutions). (Community tourism, scientific tourism, marking the local production).