Envi-educational cooperation of the Geopark with the Naturpark

KPF-02-055 (June 23, 2018 – September 20, 2019) – Interreg – Small Projects Fund

Total project expenditure: CZK 551,452

In the project we start cooperation with the Austrian Naturpark Blockheide. The project activities are aimed primarily at children, but also at the general public. Together we seek inspiration and share examples of good practice. The common goal is to motivate the public to spend more time in the countryside and to foster relationship with the place where they live. In the frame of the project we particularly realize:

Competition for the best Land Art, stone balancing workshop, training for teachers "We teach in nature", "Eco-day" – meeting of Austrian and Czech pupils; we publish brochures on nature in the Geopark, organize an exhibition of photos and make a promotional video about the Geopark.

Welcome to the land of natural and cultural heritage, the Renaissance Region

ATCZ185 – Interreg (June 1, 2019 – Nov 30, 2022)

The main objective is to make cultural and natural heritage in a common cross-border region accessible for all. We will create interactive cycling routes full of experiences (view points, cultural and natural monuments). The project will be based on a cross-border archive of historical materials of the Renaissance Region. The work in archive will be followed by an interactive guide – the mobile application will guide tourists through the region and acquaint them with history (forgotten settlements ...), crafts (stone-cutting...) and natural phenomena (geology ...). We want to motivate visitors to the sustainable approach to the landscape and cultural heritage of the Renaissance Region.

ERDF support: EUR 1,281,493.15 (of which Micro-region Telčsko EUR 201,102.35)

Project partner Microregion Telčsko:

As part of this project, we will conduct archaeological surveys of the ruins of Štamberk and remediate the ruin to make it safe for tourists and to stop its further disintegration. We will add tourist equipment and educational elements to the locality. We will create a nature herbal trail in the town of Nová Říše, in the municipality of Urbanov there we will build a viewpoint over the Dyje valley and in the municipality of Mrákotín we will create a nature trail with the theme of granite mining.

Geopark Vysočina – competitive national geopark

Vysočina Region ID 002700.0001 (Jul 1, 2018 – Dec 31, 2019)

Total project expenditure: CZK 200,000

Thanks to the support of the Vysočina Region we will implement following:

We will create worksheets for pupils and tourists, organize a competition for the best Land Art, map new geological sites and prepare new tourist products, modify this website, modernize geological expositions at the Roštejn park and in Mrákotín, print tourist brochures and prepare excursions for schools and group trips.